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On 10-11 December 2012, APSCA with the support of the NFC Forum will organise NFC But Not Payments! a conference and expo of non-payment NFC applications and services designed for organisations that are launching NFC services.

The conference is designed for organisations that are launching NFC services (including NFC payments) and need to:
  • Build a stronger business case for their NFC service (e.g. payments)
  • Drive customer behavior and familiarity with NFC
  • Promote usage of NFC for a wide variety of services
  • Find new ways to benefit and interact with customers
  • Provide additional benefits to business partners

The NFC Forum is keen to promote the development of non-payment NFC applications and they will be inviting their members focused on non-payment applications to participate in NFC But Not Payments!

The NFC Forum will be presenting a special session to launch the NFC Forum compliance program in Asia at NFC But Not Payments! This session will explain the importance of the certification program and the NFC Forum certification mark to MNOs and other end-user organisations that need to specify NFC devices and launch NFC services. The NFC Forum certification mark will play an important role in helping to ensure that non-payment (and payment) NFC devices are interoperable.


A technology exposition of non-payment NFC solutions and applications will be held concurrently with the conference, enabling sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products and services to end-user customers, partners and integrators.