Track Record
APSCA is the only pan-Asian non-profit independent forum for the secure smart card and smart devices industry.

In 1997 : We're Born! 

Our first office is established in Hong Kong as an independent association providing services to end-users and suppliers whose business applications are supported by smart cards. Now based in Shanghai, we are also represented in Taiwan, India and Australia and New Zealand.

1998-2003 : Expanding Across Asia 

After APSCA’s first meeting in Hong Kong in 1997 we begin organising regular industry events in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.


2001-2005 : National EMV Chip Migration Events in Asia

APSCA organises a series of national EMV migration conferences together with Visa, MasterCard and JCB, supported by national banking associations and central banks. These are the first industry forums on payment card chip migration in Asia.

2002-Present : Government Forums on Electronic Identity

APSCA works with government agencies to organise the world’s first series of government forums on electronic identity documents in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, UAE, India, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Usually hosted by a government agency the forum attracts government from 25-30 countries around the world.

2004 : APSCA Moves to China
As part of an ongoing expansion, the APSCA office moves to Shanghai and our head office headcount doubles.

2005-2007 : Contactless Payment Events in China 
We organise the first series of 11 contactless payments events in Taiwan, China, Japan and Singapore with payment schemes, banks, retailers and transport ticketing operators. This is the first opportunity for many banks and merchants to learn about contactless payments.

2006-2013 - NFC Payment and Non-payment Applications

We organise a series of 14 NFC events covering both payment and non-payment application in Taiwan, Japan and China. Participants include payment schemes, banks, mobile operators and retailers. The NFC Forum supported all these events. 

2006-Present : Transport Ticketing in Asia

We initiate the world’s first series of forums on transport revenue and data management, in Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and New Delhi. These forums are now the largest meetings of transport operators and transport ticketing schemes in Asia covering smart integrated ticketing and contactless e-payments. 

2007-2015 :  Jury Activities

APSCA’s Chairman is invited to become one of the judges for the Cartes Paris and Cartes Asia SESAMES Award and remains a jury member until 2015. Greg this subsequently also invited to be a jury member for the NFC Forum & WIMA Global Competition and the Asia PKI Innovation Awards.


2010-Present : The Future of Payment Card Business
A series of payment card forums for banks, domestic payment schemes, international payment schemes, retailers and central banks to build on the foundation of EMV chip and develop new business with contactless and NFC mobile payments, HCE and tokenisation, digital wallets and more. 

2015-Present : APSCA Launches ID4Africa
APSCA together witht the Identity Counsel International (ICI) band together to establish Africa's very first Government Forum on Electronic Identity. The 3-day Forum and Expo runs annual and focuses on digital identity and its application for driving socio-economic development in Africa. Follow the movement at , or on Twitter at @ID4Africa.

2015 : Launched the Radiant Awards
The Radiant Awards was the first of its kind to recognize and reward excellence in planning, design, implementation and operation of national electronic identity schemes, applications and services. This ground-breaking event was met with enthusiastic interest, particularly by government identity authorities and by suppliers from around the world! Learn  more about the Radiant Awards at  

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