Transport Payments South Asia is back and this year, we are supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India (MoHUA)!

India has a long-term objective to adopt EMV-based open-loop ticketing nationwide as a basis for National Common Mobility, but the reality is that closed-loop, open-loop, account-based and card-based approaches to transport ticketing are likely to coexist in India for some time, particularly for existing schemes.

The 2017 APSCA India meetings were focused on analysing the state of transport payments in India but this year, our 2018 APSCA India meetings will focus on the planning and execution phase.

MoHUA believes that the conference will serve as a best practice and peer-learning network and will invite all public transport stakeholders and smart city officials in India to attend the conference.


Program Innovations

The 2018 conference program features new elements designed to help stakeholders develop an implementation roadmap for 21st century transport payments.

These include:

1) A workshop explaining the business issues

2) A working group meeting to collect industry views and establish consensus on implementation paths for India

This new program addresses all transport modes including rail, bus, tolling as well as non-farebox revenue.

Furthermore, there will be an additional full day program of further thought leadership and proposed solutions to accelerate implementation.

For an outline of the program, please see “Why Attend”
For full details of the program, please see “Program”


Technology Exposition

A targeted exposition of latest solutions for transport ticketing, transport revenue management and transport information services will be held concurrently with the Transport Payments South Asia conference.


For a current updated list of exhibitors at the technology exposition, please see “Exhibitors”
To become a Sponsor or Exhibitor to demonstrate your product to the public transport stakeholders and smart city officials in India, please click here.


Participants list
Sponsorship Packages

Abhijit Sengupta
Director, APSCA India

Elaine Li
Business Development Manager, APSCA Asia Pacific

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