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The 2017 APSCA India meetings focused on analysing the state of transport payments in India. In 2018 we move to the planning and execution phase. The Transport Payments South Asia 2018 conference therefore shifts to helping stakeholders develop an implementation roadmap for 21st century transport payments. The first step is understanding the business issues for transport revenue collection, particularly those related to managing risk, reducing fraud and maximising revenue in the migration towards open-loop payments.


Supported by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs believes that the Transport Payments South Asia 2018 conference will definitely assist in building capacity by serving as a best practice and peerlearning network for public transport planners and city officials. The MoHUA has invited all public transport stakeholders and smart city officials in India to attend the conference in Delhi on 22-23 February.


Workshop – Day 1 Morning
Business Issues for EMV Open-Loop Ticketing

The half day workshop will explain risk management issues for EMV open-loop ticketing that concern both transport operators accepting, acquirers processing, and bank issuers supporting contactless EMV payment cards. Issues such as authorisation requirements, aggregation strategies, settlement processes and the sharing of first ride risk are not always well understood relative to the risks inherent in closed-loop transit, such as negative balances and leakage.

The workshop will explore new thinking about decision-making for granting access to transport systems in off-line scenarios and recovering losses from declined transport payments. The objective is that following the workshop, delegates will be able to make informed business decisions about solutions which are proposed to solve their transport ticketing challenges, without being confused by technology.

(Content designed by transport ticketing consultants from littlepay under direction of APSCA India)


Working Group – Day 1 Afternoon
Preliminary Meeting

The objective of this first working group meeting is to collect and harmonize industry viewpoints to achieve consensus on implementing transport revenue management models that will assist stakeholders in developing next-generation transport payments in India. This will be relevant for operators of all transport modes either launching new transport payments schemes or planning to migrate existing schemes in the future.

Conference delegates that are representatives of stakeholders from across India will act as a sounding board for other discussion of business issues explained in the workshop as well as viewpoints from industry. Organisations invited to make presentations and lead discussions will include proponents of open-loop and closed-loop ticketing, and of account-based and card-based ticketing.


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Business Opportunities

Transport Payments South Asia will provide one of the best opportunities for senior decision-makers from operators to discuss current and future business issues with their peers from other schemes and industry experts. The Forum is a highly effective channel for leading technology providers and systems integrators to communicate their understanding of business and technology requirements to transport operators and their associated companies that operate, or are planning to operate, transit revenue collection systems and contactless transport card schemes. The government initiative to build 100 Smart Cities throughout India is expected to lead to market opportunities for ITS and AFC projects in India.



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Abhijit Sengupta
Director, APSCA India

Elaine Li
Business Development Manager, APSCA Asia Pacific

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