Last year APSCA organised the world's first conference and exhibition on Powered and Next-Generation Cards. In 2018 this trailblazing industry event has been expanded to include not only payments but also public and private sector identity, access control and transport business segments. The Powered and Next-Generation Cards conference will combine thought leadership, innovation and best practices from end-users and solutions providers. A larger exhibition will again showcase companies around the world that are delivering the next evolution of card solutions.


Opportunities for Powered Cards

Powered cards are next-generation products with flexible electronic subsystems designed for consumer payment and identity applications. The flexible electronic subsystems of powered cards provide significant functionality beyond that of EMV chip and contactless cards used in payment and banking transactions today, and beyond the chip-based identity documents used in government applications.

Powered cards can support on-card displays and LED indicators providing information to the customer, keypads or control buttons through which the customer can interact with a card and its payment or identity application, on-card biometric sensors and more. Powered cards can also support connectivity enabling customers to manage their payment and identity card products through other devices such as smartphones.


Technology Exposition

A targeted exposition of latest powered and next generation card solutions will be held with the conference. The exposition will provide an opportunity for issuers of payment cards and secure identity documents from around the world to view and learn about latest developments and opportunities to create new payment and identity products for their customers.




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Elaine Li

Business Development Manager
Email: elaine.li@apsca.org

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