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"Market Strategy Reviews
Sales Support Services
Enhanced Visibility
Industry Networking
Information Services
Inside Track Advantage
Business Matching Services
First Option on Speaking Opportunities
First Option on Sponsorship Opportunities
Free-of-Charge Registrations for Events
Discounts to attend 3rd Party Events
One-to-One Support"

APSCA Members enjoy a wide range of services that are fully extended to all employees in an organisation. Our membership packages are designed to provide a unique industry platform where companies can conduct business, engage with customers, develop industry partnerships and use the APSCA network to keep up-to-date with the latest commercial and technology information that will support their business in countries across the Asia Pacific region

Industry Networking

We have one of the world's largest networks of contacts in the smart card industry. Many of our members can use this network to locate both end-users and suppliers. End-users value our service to locate suppliers who can help with their smart card schemes and initiatives, while our through us, our member-suppliers can locate potential customers, partners, distributors and agents for business development purposes.

Information Services

As part of a network of over 500 member organisations from around the world, APSCA has access to information resources which are second to none in the smart card industry. This enables APSCA to provide members with information about almost any aspect of smart card technology or business which they are likely to need to develop their smart card scheme, service or business. Much of this information is not in the public domain.

Reach, Influence, Educate…

As an independent smart card association for both end-users and suppliers, APSCA is ideally positioned to assist members in educating and influencing government regulators and policymakers, smart card user groups, suppliers and vendors, media and market analysts. This education and influence can take the form of private lobbying and advice, industry communication or media-facing activities.

Inside Track

APSCA is one of the world's leading providers, as well as a source, of smart card business and technical information. With thousands of smart card experts with APSCA members around the world, APSCA is in the best position to track smart card developments for our members. Much of the information which APSCA disseminates to members only is not in the public domain and is known only to the industry at the time of dissemination.

Market Strategy Reviews

Through APSCA's membership, companies can receive an annual strategy review of their business based on APSCA's extensive knowledge of Asia's smart card industry and understanding of past and future trends. This is an extremely valuable contribution to the development of the future business strategy of any organisation.

Business Matching

APSCA provides business matching services to assist Members in promoting their products, or to assist them in locating products, services and solutions. These services work both proactively (members request our assistance in selling or sourcing) and passively (projects and opportunities are offered to members).

Sales Support Services

APSCA also offers sales support services to assist member organisations to present and sell their products and services in a foreign market. In many cases we have helped members locate and work with agents and distributors that align with their business interests and goals.

Targeted Visibility

Using our highly rated below-the-line promotional channel, APSCA Members can promote their organisation and its achievements to end-users and suppliers in the smart card industry. Aside from the regular member services, APSCA can assist Members with their own promotional initiatives. Members that have specific ideas for increasing their visibility or promoting their organisation are encouraged to contact APSCA with their ideas.

Customized Services

APSCA Members can enjoy customized services (upon request), including:

• Support of user-group meetings
• Co-organisation of workshops and training courses

First Option on Speaking Opportunities

Our Members are entitled to first choice of speaking opportunities at APSCA events across Asia (average 8 events per year) before these speaking opportunities are offered to non-member organisations.

First Option on Sponsorship Opportunities

Our Members enjoy first choice of discounted sponsorship opportunities at any of APSCA's events across Asia, Australasia and Africa. These discounts offer significant cost saving benefits particularly for larger industry conferences which are often very high profile and have achieved extensive exposure in printed media and on television and recognition in the smart card industry.

One-to-One Support

Members are entitled and encouraged to contact the APSCA office whenever they need assistance, information or business contacts related to the development of their smart card business or scheme.

This is one of the most valuable APSCA services.

Free Registration

APSCA Members are entitled to send up to 20 delegates to attend APSCA events in a year.

Members are allowed the flexibility to use these entitlements for their own convenience.

Access Presentations

Presentation materials from APSCA events are made available to all members, whether they attended the event or not. Presentation materials are uploaded to the Info Desk on the APSCA website usually within one week after the event. Members will be required to use their organisation APSCA member login ID and password to download the presentations.

Access Our Info Desk Library

Members are entitled to access our library of white papers, reports and journals on the Info Desk at the APSCA web site. Members will need their organisation APSCA member login and password to download these materials.


APSCA's vast network of experienced smart card professionals allows companies to reach successful candidates qualified to undertake targeted business requirements. All APSCA members are entitled to assistance in locating and recruiting smart card executives and staff at favourable and cost-effective rates.


Members can enjoy up to one month's free advertising in the APSCA Smart Card Business Intelligence (SCBI) newsletter sent out every working day to over 11,000 senior executives across Asia and the rest of the world.

Discounted Advertising

APSCA members are entitled to up to 20% discount on advertising rates in APSCA's electronic media.

Distribution of Press Releases

Our Members are able to issue press releases in the English version of APSCA's Smart Card Business Intelligence service, sent daily to over 15,000 senior executives in the smart card industry. Chinese versions of member press releases can be distributed through the Chinese version of the APSCA Smart Card Business Intelligence service.

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