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3051 2017/Dec/09 Workshop on Implementing EMV Open-Loop Transport Payments for Common Mobility in India
3049 2017/Dec/07 ID4Africa政府参会代表已涵盖9成非洲国家
3046 2017/Nov/29 Registration Open! Join us for Transport Payments South Asia 2018
3045 2017/Nov/27 预留您的行程参加ID4Africa 2018,4月24-26日,尼日利亚
3044 2017/Nov/24 有源卡与下一代智能卡会议-会议报告
3043 2017/Nov/23 Report of conclusions from 1st Powered & Next-Generation Cards conference and exhibition
3040 2017/Nov/16 Transport Payments South Asia 2018: Implementation Strategies For EMV Open-Loop Payments
3037 2017/Oct/31 Have you been to the world's largest Identity Markeplace?
3032 2017/Oct/30 最后机会注册参加有源卡与下一代智能卡会议,11月1-2日,新加坡
3031 2017/Oct/30 Last chance to Register for Powered and Next-Generation Cards conference: 1-2 November, Singapore
3030 2017/Oct/26 Full list of powered card experts speaking at Powered and Next-Generation Cards: 1-2 November, Singapore
3029 2017/Oct/25 APSCA presents Digital Commerce Awards to financial institutions issuing powered card products
3027 2017/Oct/19 Report from the 8th Asian Payment Card Forum
3026 2017/Oct/19 16个亚洲及欧洲市场的上百位代表已注册参加有源卡与下一代智能卡会议!
3025 2017/Oct/18 100 delegates from 16 markets registered for Powered and Next-Generation Cards: 1 November, Singapore
3023 2017/Oct/18 Attending guidance for the Powered and Next-Generation Cards Conference, on 1 November, Singapore
3022 2017/Oct/16 Mark your calendar for Asia's leading Border Management & Identity Conference!
3021 2017/Oct/11 Act Now to secure your space at ID4Africa 2018
3020 2017/Oct/11 用户们如何看待有源卡与下一代支付卡市场?
3018 2017/Oct/10 What do customers think about the market for powered & next-generation payment cards?
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