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Update on ISO TR 20526 Account-based ticketing state-of-the-art report

Standard Requirements for Account-Based Ticketing

Account-based ticketing (ABT) is a fashionable term used in today’s transport ticketing sector, although so far the term has no common meaning. To provide a basis for a broader understanding of the technology, a state of the art report was prepared by international experts in the ISO ITS Technical Committee 204: Account-based ticketing state-of-the-art report, ISO TR 20526.
In the report, ABT is described as a method of ticketing where the proof of entitlement to travel is held in an ABT back office and not in any physical media held by the passenger. The essential feature of ABT is that it is server-based and can operate in both an online and offline world. It is widely used for long-distance ticketing such as rail and airlines and there are a growing number of deployments of ABT systems in urban ticketing, usually associated with pay-as-you-go tariffs. Ticketing with contactless bank cards is one form of ABT, although many conventional smartcard schemes are adding an ABT option. The key feature is that no transport product data is held on the customer media.

The report proposes a role model for ABT, adding key roles such as Identity Provider and Payment Provider to those seen in conventional smartcard schemes. The report also contains an assessment of the benefits of ABT, together with the disadvantages. ABT significantly simplifies ticketing equipment and retail processes, but requires a new thinking about revenue protection, where a passenger’s credit rating is more important that simply having a ticket.

Dr Querée, who led the development of the report, will discuss the significant features of account-based ticketing highlighted in ISO TR 20526 and the implications of ABT for transport authorities and operators.

About the Speaker

Dr Christopher Querée has over forty years' consulting experience in transport ticketing, payment and information services. Activities include technical architect for the Budapest account-based multi-modal smartcard scheme including contactless bank cards; business consultancy for TfL and to the Paris region (on their open payments ticketing project); technical expert support with Greater Anglia for its ITSO SEFT smartcard scheme and mobile ticketing, and was project leader to several major contributions and developments on ABT and mobile app-based ticketing. He worked previously in the British rail sector on rail ticketing, new technologies and service management. Prior to that, he was a consultant at Detica, MVA/Systra and TPA, working on passenger transport and highway information and payment systems in the UK and worldwide.

What's Covered by the Forum
  • Automated Fare Collection
  • Smart Integrated Ticketing
  • Clearing House Systems
  • Issuing & Reloading
  • Managing Itinerant Customers
  • Transport & Retail ePayments
  • Account-based Ticketing (ABT)
  • Open-Loop EMV Ticketing
  • Tickets, Tokenisation & the Cloud
  • Integrating Closed- & Open-Loop
  • ABT vs. Media-centric Ticketing
  • Using Third-Party Media (BYOD)
  • Mobile Transport Ticketing
  • NFC Transport Payments
  • QR Code-based Ticketing
  • Facilitating Fare Payments
  • BIBO/CIBO & Mobile Devices
  • Next-Generation AFC Systems

The 10th Transport Revenue & Data Management Forum will provide unique opportunities for experts to discuss today's latest developments in transport revenue collection and the expected roadmap for next-generation electronic fare management systems.


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