IDSec Symposium
The World’s Largest Government Identity Forum in Africa
Brings a Brand New Approach to Identity and Document Security Issues

In 2017 ID4Africa launched, as part of its annual meeting agenda, the Document Security Symposium (DocSec) which received rave reviews particularly from the various government authorities who attended the full-day sessions. It was clear that both the industry and the government delegates found the dialogues generated from this unique platform to be significant and relevant to a number of issues being faced today.

In 2018, we are evolving our approach to this segment to drive even deeper dialogues on topics that are at the forefront of what identity authorities are keen to address. This will be organized as a guided platform now termed the IDSec Symposium (IDSec).

ID4Africa’s 2018 IDSec series will dive into several issues related to all aspects of ID security. This includes physical ID documents as well as digital ID and the role ID plays in public safety.



IDSec will have its own track that will run throughout day 2 of the ID4Africa Annual Meeting, and will explore the following topics:

IDSec1: Physical Credential Production & Security 
Credential security, printing & personalization solutions, overt & covert security printing techniques, security inks, holograms and more…
IDSec2: Specialized Credentials
Identity management solutions and production of specialized Secure ID documents: Passports, visas, & other travel documents and more…
IDSec3: Digital Identity Harmonization
From IDs to eIDs, Secure Mobile ID, Harmonization of Identity Schemes & Databases, Best Practices & Experiences, Information Sharing and more…
IDSec4: Security & Public Safety
Identity technologies & biometrics in public safety and law enforcement, Addressing Vulnerabilities, Combating Identity Fraud, Detection & Prevention…
The IDSec symposium is just of great feature of the ID4Africa 2018 program, which we believe will prove to be on target in addressing the needs of the tripartite stakeholders of the ID4Africa Movement: The African Governments, the international agencies and the identity industry.
Click here to view the full 3-day program outline (subject to change)

Stay Tuned for more details about the ID4Africa 2018 Annual Meeting 

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