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01:00 BBC interviewer: I thought the whole idea of the mobile wallet on the smart phone was that we don't need payment cards anymore and you're here launching new ones?

01:09 Jeff Mullen, CEO, Dynamics Inc: There's 20 billion cards in the world and it's growing by 5% a year after 40 years of having a market and so the mobile phones have really struggled. There's a lot of issues, there are infrastructure issues, there's habit change - it takes a lot of time to do and there's no additional value. So mobile payments after 12 years really haven’t made much traction. The card is responsible for 99.999% of transactions today.
*Smart Wallet Card product showed in this video was nominated for 3 Mobile World Commerce 2018 awards

A new and growing business segment
There has already been a stream of announcements about next-generation and powered cards, from existing card industry solutions providers as well as technology companies targeting this growing business segment.

Mobile payments - not the undisputed future?
When NFC Times, an organisation focused on mobile payments, writes a story titled "As Luster Fades on Mobile Wallets, Startups Seek to Enable Digital Payments with Physical Cards” we know that we are experiencing a major shift in the market.

Advanced customer-citizen-traveller identity
Biometric cards with fingerprint sensors not only enhance security and convenience when authenticating customers, citizens or travellers, they also support the latest ID trends in decentralised storage and authentication of self-sovereign data.

The only event focused on Next-Generation Cards

Last year APSCA organised the world's first conference and exhibition focusing on next-generation and powered cards - report here. Powered and Next-Generation Cards 2018will include:
  • Another groundbreaking conference expanded to include not only payments but also identity, transport and access control next-generation cards business segments.
  • A larger exhibition again exclusively focused on companies around the world that are building the next-generation cards supply chain.
  • Greater attendance from end-users that come not only from the consumer payments business but also the public transport, government and identity businesses.

Powered and Next-Generation Cards 2018 provides excellent opportunities for leading next-generation card solutions providers to engage with payment and identity card issuers, scheme operators, integrators and partners in the supply chain.

To learn how to participate in Powered and Next-Generation Cards 2018 please contact Elaine Li, Business Development Manager, APSCA Asia Pacific at or at +86 13671773143.

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