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APSCA was excited to work with Snapper and industry experts on the development of this important white paper: Are you comparing apples with apples? Accepting EMV cards in transit and account-based ticketing are not exactly the same.

Why this white paper?
Extensive coverage of the Transport for London (TfL) scheme may have encouraged the idea that account-based ticketing is nothing more than accepting EMV contactless cards for fare payments. This white paper aims to dispel confusion around account-based ticketing by defining essential terms and exploring several key statements with the help of subject matter experts.

So many ways to ABT
The reality is, account-based ticketing could be implemented with closed-loop contactless cards, with operator or third-party mobile payment products, without accepting EMV contactless cards for fare payments, and in off-line scenarios. There are many different variations of account-based ticketing today, and there will be many more to come!

Join us in the upcoming webinar
APSCA and Snapper invite you to read the paper and send us your questions and any different viewpoints you may have about account-based ticketing. In an upcoming webinar we will address the most common questions and viewpoints with some of the experts that contributed to the paper.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback about the white paper to

To learn more about latest developments for payments in transport, please join APSCA, Snapper and other industry leaders at Transport Payments Asia Pacific, the regional annual meeting of transport authorities and payments experts, in Hanoi on 6-7 June.

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