The Radiant Awards

Innovation & Vision in Identity Systems

12 December 2018, AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel

Awards Categories & Evaluation Criteria
  • The categories for the Radiant Awards are listed below. Entries can be submitted by either a nominee government agency or a nominating organisation such as a partner or technology provider. Awards should be accepted by representatives of the government identity scheme operator and the technology consortium responsible for implementing the scheme.
  • There are 4 categories of Radiant Awards, as listed below. In 3 of the 4 categories there is more than one award available.
  • Entrants for the Radiant Awards must choose, on the entry form, the primary category in which they wish to enter their submission. Entrants can also choose a secondary category in which the entry could be considered. Therefore the same entry can be submitted for consideration in 2 different categories.
  • Any winning entry cannot be submitted for the same category in a following year, although it could be submitted in a different category. Here “same entry” refers to the same aspect of the same electronic identity scheme. However an electronic identity scheme that wins a Radiant Award may be eligible for submission to the same category in a following year if the scheme has undergone significant redevelopment with new capabilities and services. This will depend on the significance of the new development (determination of “significant” will be decided by the jury and their decision will be final).
  • The categories and proposed evaluation criteria for the Radiant Awards are listed below. Radiant Awards entrants can submit the same entry for a maximum of 2 categories. Evaluation criteria will vary for each of the 4 categories, details below, but the maximum number of points is the same.
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