• On this page you can sign up for a Radiant Awards account in order to complete, submit and validate an entry for evaluation by the jury. Before signing up for a Radiant Awards account you should read all of the following information.
  • Participation Eligibility

    Entry forms for the Radiant Award evaluation process can be submitted by any organisation that abides by the rules and regulations and is either a:

    1 - Nominee that is an end-user organisation that operates an electronic identity scheme for, or provides smart eID technology-based services to citizens or residents.

    or a:

    2 - Nominating organisation (including technology solutions providers) that wishes to propose a nominee that is an end-user organisation that operates an electronic identity scheme for, or provides smart eID technology-based services to citizens or residents.

    All Radiant Awards entry forms must be submitted in English and must be validated (finalised) by 31 August 2015.
  • Number of Entries

    A nominee or nominating organisation may submit a maximum of 4 different entries for the Radiant Awards, one in each of the 4 categories (see clause 5 below). The same entry may be submitted into a maximum of 2 categories. For further details please refer to Awards Categories.
  • Confidentiality and Data Privacy

    APSCA will maintain the confidentiality of all information included in submissions for the Radiant Awards with the exception of the names of nominee government agencies and their electronic identity schemes, the names of nominating organisations and the 50 word summarised description of the entry included on the entry form (all such information is related to the Use of Radiant Awards). All personal contact information collected, including Radiant Awards user account email addresses and contact information on Radiant Awards entry forms will be used only in relation to the Radiant Awards.
  • Presentation and Acceptance of Radiant Awards

    The 2015 Radiant Awards will be presented at the Radiant Awards Ceremony, held at the reception dinner for the 11th Asian Government Forum on Electronic Identity, held in Dhaka on 1 December 2015.

    Radiant Awards must be accepted by the government agency (nominee) that implemented the national electronic identity scheme together with their key technology solutions providers (to be decided by the nominee but including any nominating organisation). If the nominee is not present at the Radiant Awards Ceremony then the award can be accepted on their behalf by either a nominating organisation or any other organisation assigned by the nominee.
  • Signup for a Radiant Awards Account

    Before submitting an entry for the Radiant Awards, you need to open a Radiant Awards account. After opening the account and clicking the link in your confirmation email to verify your account, you can then login and complete and submit (save) your entry form.

    You can login as many times as you like to update or change and then submit (save) your entry form. When you have finished updating your entry form you must validate (finalise) your entry after which it can be viewed but no longer modified. After you validate your entry you will receive an email confirming that your entry has been finalised and sent to the jury for evaluation.

    You can use the same email address to submit multiple entries up to the limit of 4 entries, 1 in each category. After you have filled in the title of your entry form (and have submitted the data) the title of that entry form will be shown at the top of each page. You can return to that entry form by clicking the title of the entry form. To create a new entry, click on Entry Form in the main menu.
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