IDENTITY India 2021

Le Meridien, New Delhi | 28-29 October, 2022



The IDENTITY India conference and exhibition is an in-depth exploration of major identity applications in the Indian market and the opportunities they present for government, commercial end-users, solutions providers and systems integrators. This pioneering event focuses on the foremost public and private sector use cases of secure identity, authentication and transactions in the world’s largest market for identity applications.


The objective of the IDENTITY India conference and exhibition is to support digital identity initiatives in India. The event forms a platform to exchange information and share experience about identity developments and initiatives in Asia, Europe and Africa through consultation and cooperation between the key stakeholder groups in the identity ecosystem, including:

  • Government of India and identity authorities in other countries and regions
  • Private sector organisations that require identity, authentication and KYC services
  • Leading identity solutions providers from South Asia and international markets
  • Subject matter experts from India and around the world

From national government identity initiatives to delivery of local and municipal government services, to commercial know-your-customer (KYC) and customer authentication applications, IDENTITY India is the only pan-industry conference and exhibition for solutions providers to engage with end-user customers and understand the full spectrum of business opportunities in the world's largest market for government and commercial identity schemes.
The conference will bring together Government of India officials, identity authorities and decision-makers, end-users from India's secure identity and payments businesses, local and international technology innovators, integrators and solutions providers.

IDENTITY India is a unique opportunity for identity authorities, end-user customers, identity technology companies and industry thought leaders to share two days of learning, analysis and insightful debate. Please view our conference program below for details.



Why Attend

Growth in Identity Schemes
The number and scale of identity initiatives in India is increasing. In addition to state-level schemes for identity registers and identity cards, there are functional identity schemes for specific applications, the national e-passport program, biometrics for air travel, updating of the national census and the national population register. Most recently the Finance Ministry has allocated funds in the 2021 budget for the upcoming digital census.

Upcoming Digital Census and NPR
The Government of India is planning the upcoming Census using mobile apps to transition from a paper to a digital census. In February 2021, India’s Finance Minister allocated Rs 3,768 crore for the “first digital census in the history of India”. India’s last census was carried out in 2011 when the total population was estimated to be 1.21 billion; it is now greater than 1.3 billion. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is also planning to update the National Population Register (NPR), last updated in 2015. .

Aadhaar and NPR
The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has agreed to the “voluntary” use of Aadhaar 12-digit unique numbers for the compiling of the National Population Register (NPR). The Aadhaar database now includes almost all residents of India. With Aadhaar details included, the NPR database will contain demographic as well as biometric data.

Social Health Protection
India's ambitious health insurance scheme Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) provides health protection to over 50 crore poor and vulnerable people. Technology is key to enabling effective and efficient fraud prevention, detection and claim approvals, reducing turnaround time and aiding faster closure of processes.


IDENTITY India is the only pan-industry conference and exhibition exploring full-spectrum secure identity, authentication and transactions use cases across identity and banking applications in India.

With a 2-day program covering different industry sectors on each day, IDENTITY India offers multiple unique sales and marketing channels. IDENTITY India sponsors can choose to target a preferred business sector and customers on a single conference day, or to target multiple business sectors and their diverse customer decision-makers over the 2 days of the conference. The conference also includes a focused exhibition of identity solutions targeting the policymakers, Government of India officials and end-users from India's secure identity and payments businesses who are invited to attend the conference. 

Who Should Attend

The primary target audience for IDENTITY India are Government of India officials, identity authorities, end-users for customer authentication or KYC schemes, and identity systems integrators and solutions providers. Speaker and delegate invitations will be managed through APSCA India relationships with Government of India and leading end-user organisations.




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