Next-Generation Cards 2020 Virtual Global Summit & Expo

Virtual | 01-03 December, 2020



APSCA will hold Next-Generation Cards 2020, a Virtual Global Summit & Expo on 1-3 December 2020. Since 2017 this pioneering industry event has explored the evolution of the cards business and highlighted key developments and disruptive innovations in payment cards and identity cards.

Target Audience
Next-Generation Cards 2020 is a unique channel for solutions providers to target all stakeholder groups in the payment card and identity card ecosystem:

  • Card issuers including banks, non-banks and fintechs
  • Card schemes, processors and payments services providers
  • Card industry supply chain stakeholders

Virtual Global Summit & Expo
Organising Next-Generation Cards 2020 as a virtual event enables delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors from all regions and markets to participate. Conference sessions and discussions will be scheduled to match multiple time zones. Delegates can see all other participating delegates, contact them during the event, and engage in 1:1 and group chats or video chats.

The objectives of the Next-Generation Cards 2020 Virtual Summit & Expo are to:

  1. Inform card issuers and end-users about latest innovations and solutions that can attract customers, delight cardholders and grow their card businesses;
  2. Explore how the card business is evolving, the fit with the mobile and digital world, and the impact of COVID-19 on consumer payments;
  3. Provide suppliers with a platform where they can showcase their card innovations, payment and identity solutions to customers and partners;
  4. Enable card ecosystem customers and suppliers to engage, have conversations and exchange contact details, when physical face-to-face meetings are now impossible.

For banks, fintechs and end-users who understand that the card is still the strongest link to the end customer, the event offers a card-focused perspective on the payments and identity business not available in other industry events.

For the card supply chain, the Next-Generation Cards 2020 Virtual Summit & Expo offers a one-stop experience integrating business intelligence, technology platforms and channels to engage and network with customers and partners.

Why Attend

The Next-Generation Cards 2020 Virtual Summit & Expo is an immersive online experience allowing industry customers and partners to meet, inform and connect with customers and partners now that international industry events are not possible.

More than a webinar, it combines business presentations and discussions; technology seminars; industry meetings; exhibition showcases and demonstrations of products and services; with channels for delegates to network, connect and interact one-on-one.

The Next-Generation Cards 2020 Summit & Expo has 4 channels through which delegates will be able to engage:

Business Stream
18 live-streamed conference sessions and discussions over 3 days focusing on card business issues for issuers, acquirers, processors, schemes and payments services providers. Industry experts will make presentations and join discussions to explore how the card business is evolving, impact of COVID-19, new card products, integration with mobile, new issuance business models, growth of card acceptance, and more - please refer to the program.

Technology Stream
Running in parallel to the business stream over the three days, the technology stream consists of presentations and discussions that take a deeper look at card technologies. This includes demonstrations of products and services, industry meetings and roundtables covering latest standards development, supply chain issues and recent emerging technology innovations.

Expo Zone - Virtual Exhibitor Showcases
Between joining the business and technology conference sessions, delegates can visit the virtual exhibitor showcases to connect with technology providers through text or video chat, discover the solutions they are offering, watch livestreamed demonstrations, view corporate videos, download brochures and white papers. The Expo showcase zone will open one week before the event and remain open for 6 months after the event.

Networking, Meetings and Conversations
Delegates can use the mobile app or the PC app to connect with other delegates by sending instant messages; making one-to-one video calls; joining group video calls; or contributing to conversations visible to all delegates through the community board. Every delegate can see and contact every other delegate in the mobile and web apps. The web app offers a bigger screen while the mobile app offers a portable form factor, freeing delegates from their desk.

Who Should Attend

Delegates from the following groups should participate in the Next-Generation Cards 2020 Virtual Summit & Expo:

  • Card issuers (banks and fintechs), processors, acquirers, card payment services providers, international card payment systems and domestic card schemes.
  • Supply chain: card, chip and component manufacturers; card solutions providers and integrators; printing, personalisation and manufacturing equipment suppliers.