Transport Payments South Asia 2019

The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi | 14-15 March, 2019




Transport Payments South Asia 2019, organised by APSCA and supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India, will take place in New Delhi on 14-15 March. It is the only industry event in India focused on public transport ticketing and road transport payment applications that is supported by the Government of India.

For the last 13 years APSCA has organised highly successful forums for operators of transport revenue collection, ticketing, tolling and e-payments schemes in the Asian region. Transport Payments South Asia 2018 was attended by nearly 200 delegates, in 2019 this industry conference will again provide unique opportunities for transport authorities, transit operators and banks to meet with industry experts to discuss the issues that are driving the transport payments business in South Asia today.


Public Transport in India
Transport Payments South Asia will focus on the business and technology decisions for transport revenue collection in India and South Asia, markets where public transport systems are among the most heavily used in the world with revenue collection almost entirely cash-based. India has one of the world’s most rapidly developing mass rail transit public transport infrastructures, with more than ten metro rail projects launched, planning or implementing. However today buses make up over 90% of public transport in most Indian cities, account for most journeys and are usually not integrated with metro rail.


Business Opportunities in India
India’s multi-tiered public transport market includes a vast base tier of customers for whom prepaid transport cards and metro rail fares are unaffordable, a rapidly growing middle class who may already have their own road transport and an upper tier unlikely to choose public transport. This scenario presents significant challenges but also huge opportunities in a market with 1.2 billion potential public transport users.


Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Ticketing
Recent and ongoing tenders for automated fare collection systems for major metro rail projects in India illustrate transport operator interest in both closed-loop and open-loop ticketing systems.


National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) Initiative
The Government of India is driving the NCMC initiative which employs EMV-based open-loop ticketing products, combined with EMV-based stored value, to create a synergy with the EMV contactless payment products issued by banks. NCMC is part of the Government of India digital payments strategy to accelerate adoption of e-payments in a “less-cash” economy.


Common Mobility Card Initiatives
There are already several cities in India that have implemented their own common mobility card schemes. The conference will explore these case studies and the outlook for transport authorities in other Indian cities to launch open-loop transport payments systems.

Why Attend

Emerging Tolling Technologies in India
Latest updates on easy-to-use, reloadable tags that enable automatic deduction of toll charges for customers to pass through toll plazas without stopping. The opportunities for banks in driving this important segment of transport payments in India.

Payments in Parking Systems
Developments in payment systems for parking systems in smart cities, synergies with other transport payments and the opportunities for banks and government transport departments to work together to provide convenience for customers and solutions for congestion.

Status of Government Transport Policy
Understanding the objectives of Government of India initiatives for smart integrated ticketing in Indian cities that can drive e-payments in transport, improve profitability and reduce costs for transit authorities and while also combating fraud.

National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)
The current status of the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) initiative, how it is being adopted in public transport systems, opportunities for banks as well as transport authorities and challenges would still need to be overcome.

New Open-Loop Payment Solutions
Latest developments in open-loop payments systems that meet the needs of transport authorities, operators, banks and their systems integrator partners in implementing automated fare collection and transport payment systems in India.

Managing Single Journey Tickets
Fare media and ticketing solutions that can address the single journey ticket problem created by itinerant customers that include customers unable or unwilling to pay for stored value, business travellers, tourists and other occasional riders.

Smart Integrated Ticketing
The importance of smart integrated intermodal ticketing that enables customers to use a single ticket to complete a journey across multiple transport modes and services provided by different transport operators within the same city.

Transport & Non-Transport Retail Payments
Case studies of how transport operators and ticketing schemes have expanded from transport revenue collection to contactless micropayments and best practices for developing retail consumer payments and loyalty businesses with retail partners.

Bus Transit Systems and Revenue Collection
The challenges of revenue collection in bus public transport systems particularly where bus rapid transit is not feasible, and the need for cost-effective solutions that are within the financial means and technical capabilities of state-owned bus operators.

Outsourcing Transport Revenue Collection
Business models for outsourcing transport revenue collection to managed service providers including banks willing to underwrite the cost of fare collection schemes to drive the growth of low value contactless retail payments.

Developments in Mobile Transport Ticketing
The state of play for mobile proximity transport ticketing. This includes NFC mobile ticketing driven by transport ticketing schemes, banks or mobile operators using either secure elements or host card emulation (HCE). This will also explore QR code-based mobile transport ticketing.

Cloud-based Transport Payments
Cloud-based approaches that enable pay-per-use transport ticketing services for smaller PTOs that require lower upfront capital investment and simpler operations. How cloud-based ticketing can simplify introduction of mobile and Internet-driven services for customers.

Who Should Attend

APSCA India is inviting transport authorities, metro rail corporations and bus public transport operators to attend the forum using our database of transport industry stakeholders. In a market where transport revenue collection is increasingly outsourced we will be inviting the leading managed services providers including banks that are targeting transport ticketing to grow their payments businesses. Transit systems integrators and transport ticketing solutions providers from South Asia and international markets will both attend and exhibit.



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