Track Record

  • Digital Commerce and Payments

    In 2018, in response to developments in consumer payments in China, Asia Pacific and South Asia, APSCA founded a new and ground-breaking industry conference exploring best practices for accelerating the adoption of secure and efficient e-payments within a changing payments ecosystem that includes both fintech and card-based payments.

  • Border Management and Identity

    In 2010 APSCA and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) founded a bi-annual conference on technical co-operation and capacity building for border management and identity. This international event is now the largest gathering of border control and identity management authorities in Asia, attracting government participation from over 40 countries.

  • Transport and Mobility Payments

    In 2006 APSCA founded the first series of industry events focused on transport ticketing and transport payments. Held in over 10 markets across Asia Pacific, South Asia and China, these meetings have become the focal point for transport authorities, operators, ticketing/tolling schemes and the payments industry to learn of latest developments in transport payments.

  • Contactless and Mobile NFC Payments

    In 2005 APSCA began a new series of industry events, supported by Mastercard and Visa, to educate payments stakeholders about the benefits of EMV contactless payments and explore business models for mobile NFC payments. Aside from EMVCo members, APSCA has organised more industry activities to drive adoption of contactless payments than any other organisation.

  • Government Electronic Identity Schemes

    Before the ICAO ePassport specifications, APSCA began organising the first meetings of government authorities responsible for electronic identity documents and national identity systems. These government eID events were held in 10 markets across Asia Pacific, South Asia and the Gulf and attracted identity authorities from over 40 countries around the world.

  • Driving EMV Chip Migration

    APSCA worked with leading payments systems that were members of EMVCo, supported by national banking organisations, to organise a series of EMV migration forums in markets across Asia. These industry events were an important factor in educating governments, regulators, banks, merchants about the benefits of deploying EMV-compliant payments infrastructures..

  • Building Foundations

    In our first 3 years of operations APSCA held more than 30 industry events across Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, and built relationships with government agencies, financial regulators, payments schemes, interbank networks, transport authorities, mobile operators and retailers. Over 40 organisations became APSCA members.