We are the Industry Organisation for
Payments and Identity



APSCA is the industry organisation for payments and identity in Asia, from secure smart chip-based and contactless applications to the latest digital payments and digital identity services.


An Industry Network

Our network includes senior decision-makers from government agencies including identity authorities and central banks; from the financial sector including banks, international and domestic payments schemes: from the retail sector including merchants, e-commerce companies and processors; from the transport sector including transit authorities and ticketing schemes; from the connectivity business including telcos, MNOs and Internet service providers.


20+ Years

APSCA has a 20-year track record as an independent industry body with strong links to key identity and payments stakeholders and customers for your business.

19 Markets

APSCA has organised over 180 industry conferences, forums, workshops and exhibitions in 19 markets across Asia Pacific, Greater China, South Asia and (through our participation in ID4Africa) in Africa. Many of these industry events were co-organised with government agencies, national banking organisations, international payment systems, transport departments and mobile operators.

50+ Members

Established in 1997 as an independent organisation for both end-users and suppliers, APSCA has over 50 members in Asia Pacific, Greater China, South Asia and Europe. APSCA members are the world’s leading providers of secure digital identity and payment solutions and services. View the list of APSCA members here.

12,000+ Contacts

APSCA has one of the largest networks in the payments and identity business with over 12,000 senior executives from end-users in the public and private sector, and solutions providers from around the world.

What people say about us

We value our members, supporters and participants who increasingly inspire us to
go over and beyond in providing the best possible value to their business interests.

"The conference was very well organized, well represented by all stake holders of the industry and as well ample time for networking."

Atul Jain
Head Strategic Sales & Advance Offers, IDEMIA

"The APSCA conference was a great opportunity to keep abreast of transport payment innovation across the globe as well as hearing from industry on the development of payments technology. The conference is a rare chance to bring the transport payments conversation together in one place."

Lewis Clark
Executive Director, Customer Services Division, Transport for NSW