APSCA assists our members, global leaders in digital identity and payments, to develop and grow their business in the world’s fastest-growing markets. We provide a platform where APSCA members can promote their solutions and services to the payments and identity industry.




Years of Experience







Connecting you with the Identity and Payments Business

APSCA has one of the largest networks of senior executives in the payments and identity business with thousands of contacts in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. Our network of contacts and our business intelligence means that APSCA services will benefit multiple departments in your organisation including sales and marketing, business development, technology and strategy.


Helping you Engage with New and Existing Customers

APSCA assists members to engage face-to-face with senior executives responsible for strategy and purchasing decisions in the government, banking, transport, retail, payments and telecoms sectors that comprise your business. APSCA creates opportunities for you to meet new leads as well as to engage and continue to build relationships with your existing customers.


A Channel to Influence the Market for Your Business

APSCA is an independent industry organisation with a 20 year track record of engaging with senior decision-makers in the public and private sector. Many APSCA events are designed to help our members by influencing the thinking of government policy makers, the strategies of private sector payments and identity initiatives and the direction of the identity and payments business.


Your Entry to the World’s Fastest Growing Markets

Since 1997 APSCA has organised business development activities across 19 countries in Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Gulf and Africa. These are the world’s fastest-growing markets with the greatest numbers of customers. As of today, APSCA has organised over 180 industry events in these developing markets focusing on government, banking, transport, retail, payments and telecoms sectors.

APSCA Asia-Pacific organises business development activities across markets in Asia Pacific and Greater China with a combined population of over 2.3 billion (UNESCAP figures). The region remains the engine of the global economy and payments and identity are two of the fastest growing business sectors. To become a member of APSCA Asia-Pacific please Click Here.

APSCA India launched in 2017 to cover the rapidly growing South Asian markets. Today APSCA India is targeting emerging payment and identity business opportunities in India and Bangladesh, markets with a combined population of nearly 1.5 billion (UNESCAP figures). There are two levels of APSCA India membership for local and international organisations. To join APSCA India please Click Here.

ID4Africa was co-founded by the Identity Counsel and APSCA to promote responsible adoption of digital identity in Africa. ID4Africa provides a platform for APSCA members to enter the African market, an opportunity represented by over 50 rapidly developing frontier markets with a combined population of over 1.2 billion (based on latest United Nations estimates). For more information please go to http://www.id4africa.com.

APSCA Asia-Pacific offers access to over 30% of the global payments and identity market. If your organisation also joins APSCA India organisation would be reaching 50% of the global market for payments and identity. Also participating in ID4Africa would enable your organisation to reach 67% of the global market for payments and identity.