7th Border Management and Identity Conference

Avani+ Riverside Bangkok, Thailand | 11-13 December, 2024



The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and APSCA will host the 7th Conference on Technical Cooperation & Capacity Building for Border Management and Identity (7th BMIC), together with an exhibition of the latest border and identity management solutions, on 11-13 December 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme this year is  "The Future of Borders and Borders of the Future: Accelerating Seamless and Secure Cross-Border Travel and Trade with Technology Solutions and Re-engineered Identity Management Processes.”

Since the first BMIC in 2010, this international event has become the largest gathering of national Government authorities specializing in Immigration, Home Affairs, Border Control, Civil Registration, Customs, Population Management, Justice, Health, Public Security and other agencies with responsibilities in the area of Migration, Border and Identity Management.

The biennial conference and exhibition were founded by IOM and APSCA to contribute to advancing global efforts in ensuring effective, efficient and modern border and identity management. Originating with a focus on the Asia and the Pacific region, the event has evolved to span across six continents over the years. It aims to foster border and identity governance through closer consultation and cooperation between key stakeholders in the sphere of identity management, including:

  • Government authorities responsible for border and identity management;
  • International partner organizations and development agencies;
  • Leading providers of identity solutions;
  • Subject matter experts.

BMIC is an opportunity for stakeholders to share information on the latest developments and continue to define the border and identity management agenda.

Technology Exposition
The conference includes a unique international stage to exhibit the latest solutions and technologies designed to facilitate cross-border movements while strengthening national security, to ultimately enable Government authorities to advance border and identity management processes and international partner organizations to prioritize support.


Why Attend



What people said about the 6th BMIC

“It was one of the most valuable events that I attended this year with excellent networking opportunities and great contents.”
 - Youn Kim, IATA

“Excellent conference with high value content, interesting exhibition and senior participants.”
 - Lindalva Fernandes, Migration Service, Timor Leste

“No other event could arrange such capacity with so many new technology providers and professionals, and Government officials from so many countries to join and share their insight together.”
 - Althay Cheng, ITS Hong Kong

“It was also very good to hear the governments share about their programs/solutions/learnings on border management which I could use as guiding principles in setting up a biometric solution for my specific use case. The technology exhibitions were also very helpful in making sure implementers are up to speed to the latest technology and solutions.”
 - Janet Hatsiere, Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority

“This edition of BMIC marked again a major highlight of the year, with many deep discussions on topics that often are neglected. I feel educated, empowered and appreciated.”
 - Stephan Hofstetter, SECOIA Executive Consultants

“Very useful event bringing together practitioners and industry representatives to discuss common issues.”
 - Shanty Joeng, IXLA

“BMIC is also a great opportunity for young professionals to expose themself to the development of new technology as well as to what the Border Management solutions are around the world.”
 - Huruwati Diana Manengkey, Directorate General of Immigration (DGI) Indonesia

Who Should Attend

The 7th Border Management and Identity Conference on Technical Cooperation and Capacity Building is the largest regional meeting focusing on national border management and identity. National government agencies involved in Immigration, Border Control, Customs, e-Passports, Refugee and Asylum Management, Law Enforcement, Justice & Security, Communications & Technology, and other agencies with responsibilities in the area of Border Management, are entitled to participate in the conference free-of-charge.

Leading Solutions Providers
Companies providing solutions for border management in the following areas listed below are invited to participate in this event. Contact the APSCA office for information about our available sponsorship and exhibition packages.

  • Border Management Information Systems
  • Smart Registration Systems for Border Management
  • Biometric Capture and Registration Systems
  • Solutions for Capturing non-ICAO Compliant Documents
  • IT Infrastructures for Integrated Registration Systems
  • Identity Management and Traveler Facilitation
  • Other Related Products and Services

The 7th Border Management and Identity Conference on Technical Cooperation and Capacity Building represents the best business development opportunity in Asia. In sharp contrast to commercial conferences and exhibitions around the world, participating companies can expect to be outnumbered by their existing and potential government customers at the conference in Bangkok.