Mobility Payments Asia Pacific 2023

Taipei | 13-14 September, 2023



Mobility Payments Asia Pacific is the focal point for latest developments and thought leadership in fare collection and revenue management for transportation systems. Since 2006, this pioneering transport ticketing event in the world’s fastest growing region has provided an industry platform for experts to discuss the roadmap for next-generation transport payments and how they support new mobility services for urban transportation.

Successful Strategies, New Opportunities
Transit authorities, transport operators, ticketing schemes and mobility services providers are rebuilding and strengthening their businesses after three difficult years. The conference will explore successful strategies and new opportunities contributing to the recovery and future roadmap for mobility payments in Asia.

More Services, More Revenue
Successful mobility payments schemes in Asia have combined transportation and fare payments with other services such as retail payments, lifestyle and leisure payments. In the aftermath of the pandemic, MPAP2023 will explore how public transport stakeholders can protect and strengthen revenue generation by delivering improved service offerings to customers.

Mobility Payments Innovation in Asia
MPAP2023 covers latest the business and technology innovations that target the needs of today's travellers and change the way we plan and pay for journeys, including;


  • Mobility Payments in Asia Pacific
  • Latest Regional Developments
  • Innovation for Customers
  • More Services, More Revenue
  • Mobility and Lifestyle Payments
  • Transport and Community Services
  • Account-based Ticketing (ABT)
  • Cloud-based Mobility Payments
  • Journey Payments by Smartphone
  • Open-Loop Payments in Transit
  • Concessions and Discounts
  • Connecting Private Mobility
  • Using Mobility Payments Data
  • Practical Realities of MaaS
  • Touchless Travel Solutions
  • Post-Pandemic Mobility Payments

The conference will include case studies of successful transit payments systems and revenue management strategies and solutions presented by transport authorities, operators and industry experts from across Asia.

Why Attend

Meet Mobility Payments Experts
Meet transit authorities, transport operators, ticketing schemes, mobility providers and technology partners developing, building and operating new initiatives for delivering mobility services to customers. MPAP2023 enables decision-makers in Asia to meet industry and discuss requirements for designing, planning and implementing mobility payments services.

Innovation for Customers
Customers want convenient and efficient ways to pay for their journeys. Transit ticketing and mobility payments innovations that were pioneered in Asia include:

  • Contactless transit ticketing
  • NFC mobile transport payments
  • QR code smartphone payments
  • EMV open-loop payments in transit

MPAP2023 will highlight latest mobility payments innovations facilitating how passengers travel on public transport today.

Who Should Attend

MPAP2023 Delegates
Delegates participating in the Mobility Payments Asia Pacific event are from the following stakeholder groups:

  • Transit authorities, transport operators, ticketing schemes, ride hailing companies, mobility providers, banks, fintechs, payment schemes.
  • Mobility systems integrators; ticketing and fare collection solutions providers; MaaS software companies; payment services providers; gate, validator and ticketing equipment manufacturers; device, card, chip and component manufacturers.

Stats from Last Event
More than 75% of delegates at the last event were government transit authorities, public transport operators, transit ticketing schemes, and mobility providers from 19 markets in Asia Pacific and South Asia.


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