What People Say…
APSCA is one of the best qualified organisers who can still attract bankers from SEA region and Schemes like Visa or MasterCard to jointly participate and share the collective market knowledge for the payment industries.
- Sin Chee Saw, Head, Mobile Solutions (APAC), Entrust Datacard
“As usual, your event attracted a larger number than most other conferences could even think about. The quality of the attendees is outstandingly good and the discussions that follow during the various breaks show an interest in acquiring more knowledge a
- Carl Clump, Chairman, FBME Card Services
“The APSCA events have a unique way of connecting the dots between all stakeholders across the contact or contactless smart card ecosystem! The energy and technical prowess of Greg and his team transcends the normal competence of an Industry Association a
- Scott Austin, Director, Zugang Technology Connections
Upcoming Events
Transport Payment South Asia 2018
The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi
22-23 February 2018
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