The Association delivers information, guidance and networking to corporations and government organisations, including smart card scheme operators and suppliers, providing an unparalleled opportunity to source information and contacts, facilitate smart card initiatives and generate increased business development.
APSCA focuses on multi-sector commercial and government applications, including:

  • Payment card migration to chip, contactless, mobile NFC, digital payments
  • Transport contactless integrated ticketing for revenue and data management
  • National biometric-based smart identity card schemes for government services
  • International border management and biometric ePassport applications
  • Mobile solutions for NFC-based and digital payments and identity applications
  • IOT, NFC and RFID applications that begin with security and end with convenience

  • Members of APSCA comprise an industry platform for organisations that deploy these payments and identity applications to customers and citizens. The APSCA platform enables operators of payments and identity schemes, application owners and technology providers to understand their best options for achieving business and operational success. APSCA provides:

  • Latest business intelligence not yet available in the public domain
  • Best practices and thought leadership in payments and identity applications
  • Access to senior decision-makers with a track record in operational excellence
  • Knowledge from subject matter experts implementing latest technologies today
  • Channels to influence business objectives of public and private sector scheme operators
    • To Enable potential scheme operators to meet suppliers, in a non-sales environment, and to assist scheme operators in evaluating their possible options.
    • To Provide a platform from which technology providers, consultants and systems integrators can promote their solutions and services to the smart card market.
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