On 13-14 November 2018, APSCA India will organise Digital Payments South Asia at the LaLiT Mumbai.


The Question Everyone’s Asking
India’s payments industry is asking whether QR codes and real-time mobile payments are the future of the point-of-sale and the key to e-payment acceptance in new business segments. Banks, fintechs, merchants and even transport operators are aiming to leverage the simplicity and flexibility of (real-time) QR codes for off-line and online commerce. This excitement was triggered by the unparalleled success of mobile QR code payments in China but can that story be replicated in India?

Payments or Commerce
Contactless payments are faster and more efficient than cash. EMV specifications enable proven security and international interoperability and the payment card market in Asia continues to expand with contactless payment cards offering benefits to both consumers and merchants. But success with mobile QR payments has been driven by underlying digital commerce ecosystems. How can EMV contactless card (or mobile) payments integrate with and leverage digital commerce?

Accelerating e-Payments
Both mobile QR code payments and contactless payments support the objectives of the payments industry to expand e-payments by displacing cash for low value transactions. But which is likely to have a greater impact on the adoption of e-payments in India? From the perspective of customers, merchants and payment product providers, how will contactless payments fit with mobile QR code payments and which approach is more likely to succeed in democratising e-payments?


Technology Exposition
A technology exposition of latest solutions for e-payments business, including mobile, proximity, QR and contactless solutions, will be held concurrently with the Digital Payments South Asia Conference. The exposition will enable decision-makers from regulators, payment schemes, banks, e-payments companies and retailers to learn of the latest solutions for mobile-based, contactless and digital consumer payments.




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Abhijit Sengupta
Director - APSCA India

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